The Beginning of My Journey

HK Street Day

So this is it. The day I had spent so many months of planning, preparing, and anticipating was finally here. As the clock ticked away my remaining time at home, nerves and anxiety began to sink in. Was this a huge mistake? What in the hell was I thinking? Why would I leave everything behind like this?

What Travel Can Teach You

statueFor me traveling is a way to learn more about the world I inhabit. It's a way to learn from others as well as a way to (hopefully) share my own knowledge with others. Simply put, traveling is my way of becoming a better person by bettering myself and giving back to the world.

Restlessness, or Why I Decided to Travel

streamI quit two jobs that were not only enjoyable but also afforded a very comfortable lifestyle, sold (most) all the stuff I had acquired over my lifetime, and gave up my apartment. I said goodbye to friends and family, knowing it may be quite sometime before I see them again. In retrospect this all seems a bit foolhardy, and it's certainly caused it's fair share of anxiety, but ultimately this is really the only thing I can imagine myself doing for the time being.