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A Trip Up Doi Suthep

Just a bit outside the city of Chiang Mai is a mountain known as Doi Suthep. This mountain is home to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, which is one of... Read More

My Time in Chiang Mai

Hello all! Hope this post finds you well. As I sit in the Chiang Mai airport awaiting my flight to Bangkok (which I have very mixed feelings about), I figured... Read More

Getting Vaccinated in Thailand

For those considering an extended trip to Thailand, it may be a good idea to consider getting your vaccines here.... Read More

The Beginning of My Journey

So this is it. The day I had spent so many months of planning, preparing, and anticipating was finally here. As the clock ticked away my remaining time at home,... Read More

What Travel Can Teach You

For me traveling is a way to learn more about the world I inhabit. It’s a way to learn from others as well as a way to (hopefully) share my... Read More

Restlessness, or Why I Decided to Travel

I quit two jobs that were not only enjoyable but also afforded a very comfortable lifestyle, sold (most) all the stuff I had acquired over my lifetime, and gave up... Read More

How I Funded My Travels (And How You Can Too)!

Let me start by reiterating that I am by no means a wealthy person, and neither is my family (though I’ll give my mom plenty of credit for helping support... Read More

About Alec

I’m Alec, and this happens to be my blog. Since my first time traveling I knew that it’d be something I’d pursue for the rest of my life, so I... Read More