balcony view

Home sweet home! For the next 5 months (at least) I will be living in a wonderful little Thai town known as Mueang Phetchabun.


Mueang Phetchabun is the capital of the Phetchabun district, located in Northern Thailand. Phetchabun is an ancient district nestled in the mountains, with plenty of rich history and natural beauty. Phetchabun is home to numerous national parks, waterfalls, temples, and many other amazing sites. It famous for it’s mountains, food, and history. I am quite excited to begin exploring the area, but as of now I’ve been busy getting settled in my new apartment and the beginning of the semester.


Me and the other foreign teachers on the first day. Me hard(ly) at work.

The cost of living here in Phetchabun is very affordable, my apartment is pretty standard with a balcony (which features an amazing view, as you can see from the first picture), air-con, Wi-Fi, and all the other modern amenities and only costs 3,500 THB/month. My balcony features a gorgeous view overlooking the city and mountains. As you can see from the photos my room has plenty of space and is very comfortable. Along with the moderately price housing is plenty of other goods and services for cheap. Meals for around $1, getting a week’s worth of laundry done for $1.50, and (most importantly) a giant bottle of beer is right around a buck.

apartment 1apartment 2

Inside of my apartment.

Being able to finally unpack and settle is a great feeling. Living out of a suitcase was beginning to take a toll on me, and I am quite excited to have a “home” for the time being (even if my shower doesn’t work…).


My desk at school. Decked out with Bonnaroo and Louisville memorabilia.

My new school is great. Adapting to teaching in the heat with no A/C in the classrooms has been very tough, but otherwise it’s a great environment. The school itself is gorgeous, the staff are all supportive, and (so far) the students are great. I teach Mathayom 6, which is the equivalent to high school seniors in the US. At that age the students can be quite difficult to manage, especially when class sizes can range anywhere from 30-40+ students, but so far I’ve fared pretty well. I have 10 classes that meet twice a week, so I stay fairly busy, but the work is generally pretty enjoyable and I am enjoying my role as a teacher. The students enjoy interacting with someone who speaks native English, and I enjoy learning about the school system in a culture that is very different from my own.

assemblyschool 1

Assembly on the first day of classes and a picture of one of the building at my school.

All in all I am pleased with how things are going so far. I am looking forward to what the future has in store for both work and leisure.

meal and beer

Kicking back with beer and Pad See Ew Kai after my first week on the job.